Welcome To Happy English

At Happy English, you’ll study English in a clean, comfortable, professional environment, right in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. The Happy English tutoring center is located on the corner of Madison Ave and 40th Street, minutes away from the New York Public Library and Grand Central Station.

Not in NYC, no problem! Let’s study online via Skype or Hangout!


Your Lesson

My English tutoring is ideal for language students, homemakers, and business professionals who want to brush-up their English. I create each lesson for each student on a one-to-one basis. Your lesson is prepared just for you, and it is my goal to make sure that what you study is directly related to your everyday life. You and your topics are the focus of the lesson. Only my Happy English lesson is totally focused on your needs and the English you need to use in your everyday life. This unique lesson style puts you in control of the topic, and studying English through your topics leads to better understanding and retention of the grammar and vocabulary learned in each lesson.

What we’ll do

Language has input (reading and listening) and output (writing and speaking). I will make sure that you have the chance to practice all four skills each week. In our lesson, we will focus on speaking and listening – learning English in a holistic way. In addition, all of my students have an ongoing writing project that helps them think in English and use English at home. You can do this!

Free Level Check & Trial Lesson

Language tutoring begins with a personal consultation. Before starting lessons, I meet with each student face to face for a level assessment, counseling session, and trial lesson. This helps me to understand your English level and your needs. Tell me what you need to learn, your goals, and I will create a course of study just for you.

Convenient Location

Face to face lessons are held at Happy English’s office, located at 275 Madison Avenue (at the corner of 40th Street).
Skype lessons are held online, so you can study wherever you have a computer and internet access.


Happy English has a reception area, waiting lounge, kitchen with coffee & cold drink vending machine, and free WiFi for students.

Reasonable Tuition

My personalized, one-to-one lessons cost $50 per hour and this includes all materials. There are no books to buy, $0 (no) registration fee and no long term contract.

Daily English

Casual & Native English
Vocabulary & Idioms
American Culture
Shopping, eating out, emergencies, etc
Reading magazines and newspapers

Business English

Business Conversation
Meetings and Presentations
Negotiation & Discussion
Current Events
Emails and Business Letters

Special English

TOEIC, TOEFL, GTEC, & TEAP Exam Preparation
College Essay Writing & Homework Checking
College Entrance Applications
Nursing & Medical
Law & Business School

Are ready to study with Michael?