English Lesson: Facebook!

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Hi Everyone! Facebook is becoming more and more popular as a place to practice English.  Are you using facebook? If not, why not give it a try. If you are already on facebook, how about conncting with me there. Here is the link to my fan page. I look forward to seeing you on facebook too! Thanks, Michael

Writing a journal will help you improve your English!

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I do feel it is important to cover all four language skills as part of your daily studying routine. Every day you should strive to read something, write something, listen to something, and hopefully speak something in English. Listening and reading are probably the easiest because there is a variety of material out there online that you can use to practice listening and many more websites you can go to for reading practice, like this one! Listening and reading cover what I like to call input, where English goes into your brain. Output, or using English, is a bit more challenging. If you are studying English in a non-English speaking country, you know having a chance to use your English is limited. This is where writing a journal will help you. What is a journal? Well, simply it is like a diary, but less personal. A journal is a daily log of your experiences. Here are the basic “rules” to follow when writing a journal: Write something everyday. This is important. Even if you are tired or can’t think of a topic, you should still write something. In these situations you can even write something like, “Today I am too …

4 – A Study Plan – One Point English Lesson

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“What is the best course of study to improve my English?” A lot of people ask me that so I thought I would write about that today. I think the most effective way to improve your English is to work on the four skills – speaking, listening, reading, and writing every day.  Here is a sample study plan you can use. Let’s start with reading. Reading helps you remember a lot of what you have learned, but maybe don’t use all the time, like vocabulary and idioms. Reading also helps you review grammar. It is important to read something in English every day. I would like to suggest the newspaper, AM New York. This is a great tool for learning English because the articles are short, and the language used is not very difficult. Next, is writing. This is another key part of improving tour English. I always suggest keeping a journal to my students. Every day you should try to write something. It doesn’t matter how much you write, as long as you write something every day. And for this, please pick up a notebook and use that for your journal, instead of the computer.  You can write about …