Greetings with HOW in English- Natural American English Pronunciation Lesson

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Who wants to sound more natural? Everyone! In this YouTube English lesson, we will look at the natural pronunciation of HOW Greetings…like, “How’s it going?” Many people mispronounce this greeting by saying, “How’s going?” How about your pronunciation? Let’s do it! I hope you like it…if you do, please take a minute and subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

When To Use (Or Not Use) WANNA – American English Pronunciation

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American English Pronunciation Lesson Learn to use WANNA I’m sure that you have all learned that wanna is the usual American English pronunciation of want to. Well, did you know that there are some times that you can use wanna, but there are other times that you can’t. For today’s English lesson, let’s look at when we can and when …