DURING vs. WHILE – English Grammar Lesson

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Check out this short paragraph:
It was raining during the day, so I didn’t feel like going out. I had a relaxing morning, just me and my dog Max hanging out on the sofa. Then, while I was having lunch, I started thinking about today’s lesson, and I realized that some of my students get confused with during and while. How about you?

Take a look at the opening paragraph above, and you notice I used both during and while.

During is used when we refer to certain time periods. Something happens during the time period. We use the structure, during followed by a noun.

  • The Beatles were very popular during the 1960’s
  • During his life, Edison invented many useful objects.
  • I can’t use my cell phone during work.

While is used when we refer to certain actions. Something happens while the something is going on. We use the structure, while followed by an ING verb or while followed by a subject/verb.

  • While eating lunch, I read my book.
  • Please don’t drink while driving!
  • I can’t use my cell phone while I am working.
  • I like to listen to the radio while I am driving.

How about your examples using during and while?

If you know anyone who might be interested in this English language point, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them. Thanks for studying today!

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