What’s The Difference Between ACCIDENT and INCIDENT – English Vocabulary Lesson

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What’s the difference between accident and incident?
accident and incident are two words in English that are often confused by both English learners and native speakers. Let’s learn this vocabulary today!

The word accident is a noun and an accident is when two or or more things crash into or damage each other. An accident is a physical happening.

  • There was a bad car accident on the highway.
  • You need to hold that knife carefully to avoid an accident.

On the other hand, an incident is an unexpected situation. An incident is a situational happening. By the way, incident is also a noun.

  • We had a huge disagreement with our customer. The boss said he will handle this incident.
  • There was an incident at my apartment today. Several people were unable use their electronic key to enter the building.

How about you? Have you experienced an accident or incident recently? Leave a comment below and let us know!
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