What’s The Difference Between PREPARE and PREPARE FOR – English Grammar Lesson

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What’s the difference between prepare and prepare for? How does putting the preposition for change the meaning or useage of prepare ? I know that prepositions can be tricky when you are learning English, so hopefully, this grammar lesson about for will help you out.

You prepare something (without for). You can prepare a meal, prepare a dish, or prepare a document in the office. Prepare something means you make or create something.

  • I prepared lunch for everyone! = I cooked lunch for everyone.
  • I have to prepare a report for the meeting. = I have to create the report.
  • Did you prepare these appetizers by yourself? They are so delicious!

On the other hand, you prepare for an event. You can prepare for a trip, prepare for a meeting, prepare for a class, etc. It means you get ready for that event:

  • It took 4 hours to prepare for the party, but I think I am ready for the guests.
  • I have to prepare for my trip tomorrow. I haven’t packed my suitcase yet.
  • The teacher prepared for the class on his laptop in the train!

How about you? Have you prepared anything recently? Have you prepared for anything recently? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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