New YouTube Lesson – Doubt vs. Question

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New on YouTube! The words DOUBT and QUESTION can be tricky for a lot of English learners. That’s because in some languages, DOUBT and QUESTION translate into the same word. I believe this happens in Portuguese, and I guess it happens in some other languages too. Well, have a look at this lesson video and hopefully you can end your confusion.

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Grammar Book

Everything Your GRAMMAR BOOK Didn’t Teach You

Yes, your grammar book probably taught you the difference between during and while, but it probably didn’t teach you how we actually use those words in everyday English. This book does!

You’ll also learn how to really use phrases such as:

  • By Friday and Until Friday
  • In the end and At the end
  • I’m bored and I’m boring
  • Even if and Even though
  • Just and Only
  • Much and Many
  • Stop doing it and Stop to do it…and so much more!

You’ll also learn how to use causatives, conditionals, frequency adverbs, modal verbs, articles, and prepositions.

It’s …Everything Your GRAMMAR BOOK Didn’t Teach You


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