New on YouTube! Linking Sounds With YOU (Liaison) – Natural American English Pronunciation Lesson

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New on YouTube! In this lesson, we will look at the natural American English pronunciation of the pronoun YOU, when it is followed by words beginning with A or O. When we pronounce these word combinations, we generally link the OO sound of YOU and the A or O vowel sound of the next word using a slight W sound. This is known as liaison in language and some English teachers like to call it linking or blending.
Here are the example sentences:

  • You add these numbers. → You-w-add these numbers.
  • You aren’t going? → You-w-aren’t going?
  • You ate an apple. → You-w-ate an apple.
  • Do you always do that. → Do you-w-always do that.
  • Do you arrange the schedule? → Do you-w-arrange the schedule?
  • You only live once. → You-w-only live once.
  • You open it. → You-w-open it.
  • You outgrew that shirt. → You-w-outgrew that shirt.
  • You overcame a lot. → You-w-overcame a lot.
  • Did you obtain the documents? → Did you-w-obtain the documents?

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