5 American Slang Phrases That Mean Someone Talks Too Much

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Here are 5 American slang phrases that you can use to say that someone talks too much…way too much!

  1. My boss is a blabbermouth Blabber means to say a lot with not a lot of meaning. So a blabbermouth is someone who talks too much.
  2. That car salesman is a bag of wind ← Can you imagine a balloon when you let the air escape. A person who talks too much is like a big balloon or a bag of wind! You can also say, “He’s a windbag!”
  3. That guy is a big mouth ← A big mouth can make a big sound, so a person who is a big mouth is a person who talks too much. You can also say he is a big mouth or he has a big mouth.
  4. Jack said that his sister is a chatterbox Chatter means “useless conversation.” Our image from chatterbox is like some kind of box that makes a lot of sound.
  5. My neighbor is a gabber Gab means to talk too much. So a gabber is someone who talks too much.
  6. Jenny is a loudmouth ← A loud mouth can make a loud sound, so a person who is a loud mouth is a person who talks too much.
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  1. In fact Michael, you are that kind of person that can be regarded as a loudmouth when intoducing your podcasts, a blabbermouth when you explain in detail your lessons, Chatter when you are in a bar of the 7 Ave A New York, NY 10009East Village, Alphabet City Called “The Library” .A windbag when being at home, and a gabber when trying to persuade us to get your books!! and Finally, A loudmouthed when being at The happy hour of the” Library” where You can buy one and get one free. Am I allright? Funny joke Michael!

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