Get Something for Peanuts and 9 More Food Related Idioms in American English

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For today’s free English Lesson, we are going to look at ten idioms that use food related words. Have a look at the paragraph above once more and then check the lesson.

Get something for peanuts

  • How to use it: [someone] gets [something] for peanuts
  • Explanation: When you get something for peanuts, you buy it for a low price.
  • Example: I got this new computer for peanuts!

A cup of joe

  • How to use it:  You can buy, drink, make, etc. a cup of joe.
  • Explanation: Joe is a slang word for coffee and so a cup of joe means a cup of coffee.
  • Example: I like to start my day with a cup of joe.

A piece of cake

  • How to use it: [something] is a piece of cake
  • Explanation: Something that is a piece of cake is easy to do.
  • Example: Using computers is a piece of cake for me.

Bring home the bacon

  • How to use it: [someone] brings home the bacon
  • Explanation: When you bring home the bacon, you support your family.
  • Example: Jack brings home the bacon.

Meat and potatoes

  • How to use it: [something] is the meat and potatoes of a situation
  • Explanation: The meat and potatoes of something is the main and important part of it.
  • Example: It took half an hour for the CEO to get to the meat and potatoes of his speech.

Not my cup of tea

  • How to use it: [something] is not [a person’s] cup of tea
  • Explanation: Something that is not your cup of tea is something you do not like.
  • Example: Playing sports is really not my cup of tea. I prefer listening to music.

Out to lunch

  • How to use it: [someone] is out to lunch
  • Explanation: Someone who is out to lunch is a bit crazy or strange.
  • Example: The new manager is a bit out to lunch. I don’t think he will be working here much longer

Smart cookie

  • How to use it: [someone] is a smart cookie
  • Explanation: Someone who is a smart cookie is very intelligent.
  • Example: The new manager is a smart cookie. She knows the computer system very well.

The munchies

  • How to use it: [someone] has or gets the munchies
  • Explanation: When you have the munchies, you are hungry.
  • Example: I get the munchies after a night of drinking.

Veg out

  • How to use it: [someone] vegges out
  • Explanation: When you veg out you relax doing nothing in particular.
  • Example: I like to spend some time at night just vegging out to relax.

Now it’s your turn. How about writing a few sentences using some of these idioms in the comment box below? I’ll review them for you!



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