English Vocabulary Lesson: Phrases Using Make

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Make is a versatile word in English. There are a variety of collocations (set expressions) and idioms using make. Today, let’s have a look at some of the most common ones. First, we will look at some collocations with make. Here are some things you can make:

Make a change

  • We made some changes to the meeting agenda.

Make a decision

  • Tomoko made a decision to study English for 30 minutes every day.

Make an effort

  • Craig made an effort to finish his work on time.

Make an excuse

  • Jack said he was too tired to go out, but I think he was just making an excuse.

Make friends

  • Bill made friends with everyone at the conference.

Make an improvement

  • Chris has really made an improvement in the office since he took over as manager.

Make a meal

  • Mom made a nice dinner last night.

Make a mistake

  • I made a mistake on my exam.

Make money

  • Bob made money on eBay and was able to take a nice vacation.

Make noise

  • The kids were making a lot of noise at Joey’s birthday party.

Make a phone call

  • I need to make a few phone calls before leaving the office.

Make progress

  • I think we are making a lot of progress on this project.

Make time

  • I know you have a busy schedule, so thanks for making time to meet with me today.

Next, let’s have a look at some idioms that use make:

be made of money – to be very rich.

  • Blair’s parents are made of money. They bought her a Benz even though she’s still in high school.

have it made – to be in a position where success is certain:.

  • Jenny married a rich cardiologist. She’s got it made now!

make someone’s day – to do something that causes someone to suddenly be happy.

  • Mike made Angie’s day when he sent her flowers.

make do  – to manage with limited circumstances.

  • We only have $25 until payday. We’ll have to make do with cup noodles and bread.

make out – to kiss passionately.

  • Steve and his girlfriend were making out on the sofa while watching the movie.

make up – to think up, invent, or create something.

  • My personal trainer made up several effective exercise routines.

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