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For today’s English lesson, we’re going to look at some idioms and slang uses of the adjective COOL. Cool has several meanings and uses in casual English. This is recording of a live YouTube lesson. The example sentences are posted here below the video!

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Here are the example sentences. Please check the video for the details:

  • It’s cold in the freezer, but it’s cool in the refrigerator. In the fall, the weather gets cool.
  • Everyone likes a cool drink on a hot summer day.

Cool (unfriendly, unenthusiastic behavior)

  • When I suggested to the boss that we cancel the meeting, his reaction was cool.
  • Jane was cool toward her ex‐boyfriend at the party.

Cool (calm or relaxed)

  • Even though Ted got into an accident with his new car, he kept cool.
  • During an emergency like a fire or earthquake, you need to keep cool.

Cool (fashionable or modern, stylish and unique)

  • Some people say that Johnny Depp is cool.
  • James Dean was considered to have a cool look in the 1950’s.
  • You can have a cool car, cool sunglasses, or a cool jacket.

Cool (That’s excellent or Great!)

  • I got two tickets for the concert and I’m going to take you! Oh, cool!
  • I can use my iPhone to control the lights, locks, and heater in my house. Cool!

Cool (yes or okay)

  • I’ll be there tomorrow. Is that ok? Yeah, cool.
  • We don’t have chocolate cake, but I can give you chocolate cupcakes. Cool!

Play it cool (When you don’t show you are anxious or nervous)

  • When Joe got fired from his job, he played it cool while he was having dinner with his family. Then he told them about it the next day. But during dinner, he played it cool.

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