American English Pronunciation: 6 Often Mispronounced Words

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For today’s English lesson, let’s look at how to pronounce 6 words in English that are often mispronounced. The words are buffet, comfortable, espresso, plumber, subtle, and salmon. Here are the hints you need to know:

  • buffet…the [et] at the end of buffet has an [ay] sound: buff-AY, like day and stay
  • comfortable…this word us usually pronounced with 3 syllables: KAMF-tuh-bull
  • espresso…there is no [x] in this word: es-PRESS-oh
  • plumber…the [b] is silent: PLUM-er
  • subtle…the [b] is silent and the [t] sounds like [d]: SUH-dul
  • salmon…the [l] is silent: SAH-mon

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