6 American Slang Phrases That Mean Quickly & Fast

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6 American Slang Phrases That Mean Quickly & Fast

This cat can run at full tilt!

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Are you quick and efficient at work? Can you cook breakfast quickly? Are you a fast runner? Well, for today’s English lesson, let’s look at six American English Slang phrases that you can use to show how fast someone does something. Check it out!

  1. We were working at full tilt to finish the project. ← When a sailboat is traveling at its top speed, it tilts over in the water. Sailors call it “heeling.” So when you do something at full tilt, you are doing it very quickly.
  2. I can make breakfast in a jiffy. ← Doing something in a jiffy also means to do something very quickly.
  3. There was no traffic, so I got to the office in nothing flat. ← When you do something in nothing flat, you do it quickly and without any delay.
  4. We finished the project lickety-split. ← I’m not sure of the origin, but when you do something lickety-split, you do it very quickly. This slang sounds like slang used in the 1950’s or 60’s, but you may hear it in a movie or TV program.
  5. He ate that pizza like nobody’s business. ← Doing something like nobody’s business also means to do something very quickly and with a lot of enthusiasm.
  6. Jack! Come in here on the double. ← Doing something on the double means doing it twice as fast as you usually do it.

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