English Idioms – High Time & Crunch Time

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English Idioms - High Time & Crunch Time

High Time

High time is used as a noun. It means the time right now is past the appropriate time for something. We generally use high time when we want to stress that a time limit is almost here, or to complain that someone hasn’t done something when they were supposed to do it.

Here are some examples!

  • You work very hard all morning at the office. It’s 2pm. Your coworker says, “It’s high time we took a lunch break.”
  • Jack is Jane’s boss. She was supposed to be at work at 9, but it is 9:15 and she just arrived at the office. She has been late a few times this week. Jack says, “Jane you’re late again. It’s high time you came to work on time!”
  • You are at a concert hall. The concert was supposed to begin at 8pm. At 9pm, the concert begins. You can say, “It’s high time the band started playing!”

Crunch Time

Crunch time is also used as a noun. It means that there is just a little bit of time and a lot of pressure to get results. This idiom is usually used in business, but you can use it in your personal life as well. Whenever there is little time and lots of pressure to do something, it is crunch time!

Here are some examples!

  • The summer is here and I need to loose weight! It’s crunch time!
  • It’s crunch time for Joe. He has an exam tomorrow  and didn’t start studying yet.
  • Our competitor has just released a new model, so it’s crunch time for us. We need to get our new widgets out there.


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