5 American Slang Phrases To Show That Someone Lost Their Courage

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I got cold feet when I tried to ask her for a date.

I got cold feet when I tried to ask her for a date.

Sometimes you need to do something that takes courage like asking your boss for a raise or asking a guy or girl on a date. For some people, these kinds of brave actions are easy, but I think there are many people who might find it hard to do something like that. Even though they want it, they lose the courage to do it. For today’s English lesson, we are going to look at 5 American English slang words and phrases you can use to show that someone lost the courage to do something.

  • I chickened out. ← Chicken is a slang word for coward and we can use chicken out as a verb to mean become a coward.
  • I froze up. ← If you become frozen, you wouldn’t be able to move. So, when you freeze up, you become unable to do the thing you were going to do.
  • I got cold feet. ← Like “freeze up,” if your feet get really cold, you will be unable to move. So was say that someone who lost their courage got cold feet.
  • I lost my nerve. ← Nerve is a synonym for courage, so when you lose your nerve, you lose your courage.
  • I wimped out.← Wimp is a slang word for a weak person. We take wimp as a verb with out and when someone wimps out, they become a wimp (a person without courage)

Do you know anyone who is a chicken? Have you wimped out recently? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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