10 Slang Expressions Meaning Really Good

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These simit from the Turkish cafe are killer!

These “simit” from the Turkish cafe are killer!

Have you seen the newest Star Wars movie? Did you like it? Would you say it was good, or really good? Very good? I think that these days, good is one of the most overused and boring words in the English language, especially in American English. We tend to use good to describe everything from food to parties to soccer games. Ok, we watch more baseball than soccer, but you get the idea. Here are 10 slang words and phrases you can use when you want to say that something is really good:

  • That movie was awesome ← Popular slang in the 1980’s, but many people still use it.
  • That movie was the bomb ← A bomb can explode with energy, so that kind of energy makes us feel the movie was amazing.
  • That movie was cool ← Popular slang in the 1960’s, but still cool to use these days!
  • That movie was crazy ← Something that is crazy has excitement and tends to amaze us.
  • That movie was fierce ← Like crazy, something that is fierce has excitement and tends to amaze us.
  • That movie was killer ← Something that is killer is so good, that it kills the competition.
  • That movie was primo ← Primo means first in Italian and we like to use it in English to mean Number 1 or really great.
  • That movie was sick ← Sick means ill, but here it has the opposite meaning. Something that is sick has great excitement and action.
  • That movie was spot-on ← Something that is spot-on is exactly as great as we expected it to be.
  • That movie was top-notch ← A notch is one point on a scale, so the top-notch is the highest point.

Well, how was this lesson? Was it top notch or perhaps the bomb? I hope so. Feel free to leave a comment below!
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