6 Slang Expressions Meaning An Expert

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Steve is an ace at photography. Don't you think so?

Steve is an ace at photography. Don’t you think so?

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What are you good at? My friend Yalcin is really good at fixing computers. How about you? Maybe you are good at cooking or golf. Well, saying “good at” is ok, but don’t you want to use more colorful language to talk about yourself or another expert? Well, now you can!. For today’s English lesson, let’s look at six slang words we use to say that someone is an expert. Keep in mind, we are not talking only about professionals here. Yalcin has another job not related to computers, but he is still an expert!

  • She’s an ace at fixing computers ← Ace is the top card in poker, so an ace means an expert at doing something.
  • He’s a genius at fixing cars ← A genius is someone who has a very high level of intelligence.
  • You repaired the washer yourself? You’re hot stuff! ← Hot is often used to mean the best at something.
  • Jim is a wine maven ← A maven is someone who is a connoisseur or specialist about something.
  • Joe is a gardening pro. He can grow anything! ← Pro comes from professional. We can use pro to talk about professionals or amateurs.
  • Lisa is a cooking wiz. She made a lovely French dinner! ← Wiz comes from wizard which is like a magically intelligent person.

Practice time!

Answer this question in the comments below, but use one of the expressions from this lesson: What are you an ace at?
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