10 English Slang Words & Expressions Meaning To Be Tired!

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I worked a lot this week and put in a lot of overtime, so I’m pretty tired. I say tired, but tired has the basic meaning of “sleepy,” and sometimes you feel more than just sleepy. Well, in times like that, English has a lot of slang expressions that you can use to let someone know that you are more than just tired. Here are ten of my favorite slag expressions and words that can take your English conversation beyond just “tired.” You can say:

  • I’m beat ← It has the idea that your hard work “beat” you, like a strong player beats a weaker player.
  • I’m bushed ← Bushed comes from the word “bush” which is a short tree-like plant that lives in a forest. If you were in a forest for a long time, you might be really tired.
  • I’m drained ← Just like you drain the water from pasta after cooking, all of the energy (like the water) in your body is drained out.
  • I’m fried ← When an egg is fried, it certainly can no longer be alive!
  • I’m plum tuckered out ← This is an old corny expression that you might hear in an old cowboy movie! If you use it now, it may sound old-fashioned, but I think it is good to know in case you hear it!
  • I’m pooped ← I’m not sure of the origin of “pooped” but it means really exhausted.
  • I’m shot ← When a gun is shot, it has used all of it’s energy, so when work very hard, you a re shot!
  • I’m spent ← If you spend all of your money, you have none! You can also spend (meaning use) all of your energy.
  • I’m wiped out ← When you wipe out the memory on a computer, it has none left. So you can imagine your brain is wiped out with no more power!
  • I’m worn out ← When you use something very much, like a baseball glove, it can become so old that it is no longer useful. We say the glove is worn out. Well, when you have used your brain or body so much, it can be worn out too!

Oh my! I’m worn out from making this list. Try to start using some of these tired phrases in your everyday English conversation…You’ll sound more natural when you do!
If you know anyone who might be interested in this English language point, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them. Thanks for studying today!

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