How To Use “Do Me A Favor” Definition – English Phrase Lesson

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The phrases Do me a favor and Can you do me a favor? are very useful in everyday conversational English. Whenever you need a person’s help, and you want to ask them for help, you can use one of these phrases before you say your request. Saying Do me a favor and Can you do me a favor? makes your request less direct, and is also a signal to let the listener know that you are going to ask them for help. Here are a few examples:

In the office

  • Bob: Hey Jack. Can you do me a favor?
  • Jack: Sure Bob, what’s up?
  • Bob: I want to move this table to the back of the room. Can you help me?
  • Jack: Sure. Let’s do it!

On the telephone:

  • Jen: Hello?
  • Dan: Hi Jen. It’s me, Dan.
  • Jen: Oh Dan. I’m glad you called. Do me a favor. Tell your sister that I wasn’t able to find the makeup she asked me for. I tried to call her but the line is busy.
  • Dan: Ok, I’ll let her know.

At the department store:

  • Cashier: Ok, your total is $35.40. Will that be cash or charge.
  • Customer: Charge please. And can you do me a favor? It’s a gift, so can you giftwrap it?
  • Cashier: Yes, of course.

At the train station

  • Chris: I need to by a ticket. Do me a favor. Hold my bag.
  • Joe: Ok!

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