English Vocabulary Lesson – Enough vs. Plenty

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Building up your vocabulary is essential when you are learning a second language. In this English lesson, let’s look at the difference between ENOUGH and PLENTY. This will help you in your everyday English conversations, as well as on English tests such as the TOEIC exam.

There are plenty of people in the world studying English now. And of course there are plenty of language schools and websites like Happy English to help them reach their goals. I think studying a language for only a short time is not enough. You need to have enough time to understand how the language works and enough knowledge of the language to be able to communicate using it. Of course, knowing plenty of vocabulary will also help!

Enough is used as a determiner before a noun to show that a sufficient amount of that noun exists. Enough can be used in a negative and positive sentence:

  • Do we have enough wine for the party?
  • I think I have eaten enough donuts today.
  • Jack has enough work to do. Let’s have Jenny write that report.
  • I don’t have enough gasoline. I’m going to stop at that service station.

Enough can also be used as a pronoun

  • No more cake for me. I’ve had enough!
  • We’ve worked hard today. That’s enough for one day. Let’s go home.
  • Kisses from my dog? I can never get enough!

Plenty is used as a pronoun, and means a large or sufficient quantity of something exists. We use plenty of + noun, or just plenty. Note that plenty is not normally used in a negative sentence:

  • We have plenty of wine for the party.
  • I have eaten plenty of donuts today.
  • Jack has plenty of work to do. Let’s have Jenny write that report.
  • I don’t need more coffee. I’ve had plenty.
  • Don’t give him any more books. He has plenty.

If you know anyone who might be interested in this English language point, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them. Thanks for studying today!

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      Great question. When you are very upset with a person, or a situation and you feel that you can not endure the person or the situation anymore, you can say, “Enough is enough!”

  1. I am sure there are plenty of people reading this blog and I am one of them. You are right we need plenty of time to understand and practice everyday, few hours is not enough.
    Today I have eaten plenty of sweets, that is enough for today.
    I have plenty of time to read this blog.

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