English Preposition Lesson – How To Use AS

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As is an adverb and used in a comparison sentence to describe something. The pattern generally is as [adjective] as:

  • That restaurant has baked potatoes as big as a softball.
  • That salad bowl is as old as my grandmother!
  • The children were as quiet as a mouse reading books in the living room.

In this way, it is also possible to make a negative comparison:

  • That restaurant’s baked potatoes are not as big as this restaurant’s potatoes.
  • That salad bowl is not as old as I had thought.
  • The children were not as quiet as we had hoped they would be.

As is also used to emphasize an amount, generally using as many as:

  • As many as ten thousand people gathered in the park for the free concert.
  • I think Jack has as many as five thousand books in his collection.
  • As many as two hundred gallons of oil were spilled on the road.

As is also a conjunction. As can be used to talk about something that happens at the same time as something else. In this way as has the same meaning as when:

  • Jack slipped on the ice as he was coming to the office today. …when he was coming…
  • As we get older, we get wiser.

As is also used to talk about the way that something is done or happens:

  • The children can do as they want when their parents are not home.
  • He dressed as a policeman for Halloween.
  • I worked as an English teacher in Japan for four years.

We also use as + adverb:

  • I went as quickly as possible.
  • As usual, Jack came to the office late.
  • As before, we will visit our customers while we are on vacation in Paris.

As also has the meaning of because or since:

  • As I was tired, I stayed home last night and went to bed early.
  • Joe makes all of the final decisions as he is the owner of the company.
  • As it was getting late, we decided to stop working.

As is also a preposition and is used to talk about the function something has and the way something is:

  • Steve works as an EFL teacher in Dubai.
  • In my previous company, we all worked as a family.
  • As the manager, you will be responsible for ordering office supplies.

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