Kaplan Study & Work Programs Get Accredited by Languages Canada!

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Looking for a practical way to use the English that you study in school? Look no further than Kaplan English schools in Canada. Study and work programs are a great way for international students to bring their classroom English into the real world. For students studying in Canada, Kaplan International Colleges has received accreditation for their study and work programs from Languages Canada, the industry association for language schools. Languages Canada is the accrediting authority there which was founded  to ensure the best interests of students studying or planning to study English in Canada.

Kaplan International’s schools in Vancouver and Toronto have received accreditation for their language co-op programs, demonstrating that Kaplan’s Vancouver and Toronto centers provide paid and unpaid work programs in a way that meets industry quality standards. In Canada, the language travel industry itself initiated an audit this summer by an external company, Orion Assessment Services, to show consistency in how these programs are delivered at different schools. The quality standards were designed to ensure programs are promoted correctly, students are monitored and supported at the schools and have a valuable experience.

Among the first schools to undergo the audit this past summer were Kaplan’s schools in Toronto and Vancouver. Accreditation has been granted until 2015. These two schools exceeded the standards, such as clear marketing materials, detailed orientation and organized monitoring system, in several areas

The director of the Toronto school said that study and work programs are an excellent way for international students to bring their classroom English into practice. This program helps students really experience Canadian culture, meet new people and be challenged in a different way.