Free Phrasal Verb Lesson: Go Off, Put Up With, Look For

Michael Phrasal Verbs 3 Comments

Using Phrasal verbs can make your English sound more natural. Here are some commonly used phrasal verbs and comics to help you learn them.

Phrasal Verb: Go Off
Meaning: To ring. To sound (This phrasal verb is used for alarms and signals)

  • My alarm clock goes off at 6:15am.
  • The smoke alarm went off when I grilled fish.


Phrasal Verb #78: Put Up With
Meaning: To endure/suffer patiently

  • I can’t put up with the heat this summer.
  • Jack couldn’t put up with his coworker’s bad attitude.


Phrasal Verb #56: Look for
Meaning: To search for something

  • Have you looked for something recently?
  • Which search engine do you use to look for things?