Free English Pronunciation Lesson: The /ər/ Sound

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The /ər/ sound can be tricky because there are several ways to spell this sound. For example:

earth [ear]            bird [ir]            word [or]            curtain [ur]

Words with the /ər/ sound

bird dirt hurt shirt
birthday earth learn sir
church earl lurk splurge
curd fir occur stir
curl firm pearl turkey
curse fur perk turn
curt heard purr word
curtain hurl reword work

Words with similar sounds

all – earl charge – church hall – hurl saw – sir
barn – burn cord – curd hard – heard short – shirt
board – bird core – occur heart – hurt store – stir
born – burn course – curse large – splurge talk – Turk
call – curl dark – dirt lark – lurk torn – turn
card – curd far – fur lawn – learn walk – work
carton – curtain farm – firm park – perk warm – worm
caught – curt four – fir Paul – pearl wart – worth

Sentences with the /ər/ sound

  1. The dirty birds squirmed when Kurt perched on the birch tree.
  2. I heard Burt cursed when he burned his dirty shirt.
  3. Is it worth the work to reword the first bird story?
  4. The third bird in the pearl shirt is a turkey.
  5. Bernie learned to stir the firm worms.
  6. The bird works on Thursday on 33rd Street.

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