10,000 Pictures Capture English Language Students Adventures

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The Kaplan Experience in Toronto

The Kaplan Experience in Toronto

If a picture paints 1,000 words, 10,000 pictures paint…the dictionary? Well, almost! Here’s another milestone from our friends at Kaplan International Colleges. The staff and students there have helped the #KaplanExperience Instagram hashtag reach 10,000 posts containing a wide selection of images from Kaplan English schools worldwide.

The  10,000 photos have captured all aspects of a language student’s journey, across 42 cities around the globe, from social activities in Sydney, to landmarks in London, to classrooms in Chicago and friends in Philadelphia. According to a spokesman for the company, the thinking behind the hashtag is to encourage and empower the students and staff alike to tell their story, to report their viewpoint, to share their Kaplan Experience. Robert Pickstone said that Kaplan has, “thousands of talented photographers across different countries and continents, who are capturing what’s important to them in visually stunning ways. We want to showcase what is being encountered and felt.” Kaplan is both proud of and grateful to everyone who has helped create so many positive experiences.  To view these photographs, search for #KaplanExperience on Instagram. To view Kaplan International’s Account, visit @KaplanInternational.

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