English Phrase Lesson: Mr. Monk TV Show

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English Phrase Lesson Mr. Monk TV Show

Have you watched Mr. Monk? He’s an expert private detective with a special kind of sixth sense, which always helps him solve the crime. Today, let’s have a look at some of the English vocabulary from Season 2, Episode 4, Mr. Monk goes to the circus. Here is the dialog:

  • OFFICER MYERS: Oh, that’s Sharona, his nurse.
  • DISHER: He has a nurse?
  • OFFICER MYERS: When his wife was killed, he didn’t leave the house for, like 3 1/2 years, until he met her. Now he can’t do anything without her. She’s pretty hot, huh?
  • DISHER: You think so? Hey, maybe they’re together.
  • OFFICER MYERS: No, Monk’s not with anyone. He’s still hung up on his late wife. That’s the one  case he can’t solve. Ha ha. Look at him — Adrian Monk. Oh, he‘s the man. Whew.

Like has a few different uses, but in this phrase, it means about:

  • I woke up at like 6:30 this morning. I’m tired.
  • We need like $200 more to buy the computer.

Hot can be used to describe people at it means sexy:

  • My sister thinks Johnny Depp is hot.
  • Jane looks hot in that red dress.

To be hung up on [someone] means to still be in love with someone after the relationship is over.

  • Jane is hung up on Jack, so she’s not ready to date other guys.
  • If you are hung up on your ex-girlfriend, you won’t be able to meet other girls.

When we say [someone] is the man it means [someone] is great, and better than anyone else. We usually just use this phrase for guys.

  • John cooked dinner for his wife when she was sick. He’s the man.
  • You can pick me up at the airport? Wow, you’re the man.

Now, it’s your turn. How about trying to use some of the words and phrases above in an original sentence in the comment box below? I’ll check it for you.

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