Guest Blog Post: Starting an Online Business II

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A note from Michael: Last October, Yunhee gave us a post on how to start an e-business. Yunhee has worked really hard over the past year to get her online business up and running. Today, she gives us an update!

Hi again! I’m the person who wrote a little bit about my own challenges to start an e-business a few months ago. This time I’d like to introduce my company, OHSHOEDESIGNS. I’m very obsessed with fashion, and I have gradually become a true lover of shoes since 2009. Now, of course, I’m totally into shoes!

One day when I was walking on the street, I felt my high heels were killing my feet. I really wanted to take them off right away, but unfortunately I didn’t bring my flip flops or running shoes. Gosh! this happened so often whenever I wore high heels. I knew because of this reason, although there were many more reasons, some people refuse to wear them. However, there were so many attractive designs of high heels, pumps, and stilettos that I couldn’t help looking at them and trying them on. And I couldn’t stop buying them although I knew they would hurt my feet. I kept wishing that they were a little bit shorter or there was a company that could provide shoes that could change the heels for me. In another words, I could have the same style with my desired heel heights (my desire of heel height). I was sure there were many women who had the same thought as I did, at least a few times, when they went shopping and saw their own dream style of shoes, but they didn’t purchase them because the heel heights were too tall. I gradually started considering the problem and decided to create a shoe business.

Not only does OHSHOEDESIGNS create stylish and one of a kind shoes, but also you can customize the heel heights with the design of shoes you want. In addition, every single leather, fabric, and material is substantially handpicked, and we will be in process to customize heel heights of your shoes right away when you purchase them. My company really cares about individual woman’s comfort and creates unique and fashionable shoes. So please check it out! We hope you enjoy shopping at You can follow OHSHOEDESIGNS on facebook here