How to Capture a Lifetime Experience on Instagram

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How to Capture a Lifetime Experience on Instagram

In Sydney Australia, International students got the chance to take a special class from Instagram celebrity, Ido Simyoni aka @ido8all when he stopped by Kaplan’s English school in Sydney. The social media icon, with over a hundred thousand followers on the online photo-sharing and social networking service, shared his tips and even a few Instagram secrets with the students, encouraging them to share their once in a lifetime experience on the site. Ido gave a class in the school on photo shooting techniques and how to get the most out of Instagram. After that, the students got a practical lesson in Hyde Park, where Ido shed some light on what makes his photos stand out. Ido’s photography expertise is well known across the internet thanks to his social media movement “Stop the Terror”, which has generated more than 11,000 pictures from all over the world.

Ido is no stranger to the Kaplan international network. He attended their English school here in the Big Apple, where he shared his experience on Instagram. His iphoneography classes were such a big hit, he was invited to give classes to students at Kaplan English Schools in the US, the UK and Australia. One of the participants said, “Ido has an amazing eye for the finer details in life. His class encourages you to capture reality in a different light and share your experience with the world.”

After his stay in Sydney, Ido cruised to the breezy coast of the Manly Beach campus, before leaving to give the Adelaideans the hallowed master class. He also made stops at Kaplan’s schools in Melbourne and Auckland, New Zealand.

According to Internet legend, the best formula to tell a story and share it with others is getting to know people from across the globe in great locations. He said that Kaplan students are having this amazing experience when studying abroad. These days thousands of students from Kaplan schools around the world are now posting their photos on Instagram, making it clear that the Kaplan Experience is an unforgettable one, and definitely one worth sharing. How are you sharing your international experience? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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