Confusing Words English Lesson: Alone vs Lonely

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A lot of companies send their employees to work overseas. I’ve met a lot of businesspeople who are now living in New York City on business. Many of these people come alone and leave their family back in their home country. It must be lonely to leave your family and go to a foreign country alone. Luckily, New York City is big enough and has a lot of people, so even if you are here alone, you’ll never feel lonely.

A lot of students ask me the difference between alone and lonely. Today’s lessongraphic has a few different examples showing the difference between these two confusing English words.

Alone describes a situation and means “by oneself.” A person who lives alone does not live with anyone else. A person who goes somewhere alone goes their without another person. Being alone means being somewhere just yourself.

Lonely describes a feeling and means “feeling sad because one is alone.” A person who is lonely feels sad because they are separated from  someone or their family.You may be lonely if your partner leaves you , or if you have to live away from your family for a long time.

Now it’s your turn. Hpw about writing a sentence using these two words in the comment box below. I’ll check it for you!

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