Language School Gives Spanish Students the Experience of a Lifetime

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For the past several years, the Spanish Government had offered study abroad scholarships, but to the disappointment of many young Spanish students, the Ministry of Education announced that there would be no scholarships granted this year. Kaplan International, a leading provider of English language courses and study abroad programs, wanted to bring back the excitement and motivation that those scholarships had given to students, so the school decided to step in with an innovated competition and award Béca-ME scholarships to five Spanish competition winners who impressed judges and Facebook fans with their aspirational essays.

The winners will soon start to learn English with Kaplan all over the world after demonstrating in their essays that they deserved the chance to travel abroad and learn English. The Béca-ME competition attracted more than 1,000 entrants, and offered 5 tuition and accommodation scholarships in Kaplan locations in the USA, Canada, the UK and Ireland, and Australia and New Zealand. Competition entrants were asked to write an essay entitled “The Experience of a Lifetime” explaining how they would fulfill their dreams and ambitions if they were given the chance to study abroad.

Raquel Martinez, Head of Spain for Kaplan International, said that Kaplan wanted to “bring back the excitement and motivation that those scholarships had given to students year after year. It has been a very emotional experience for all of us reading the essays full of dreams and aspirations. Students have fantastic values in Spain.” They wrote heartwarming essays about a variety of topics from the lack of opportunities caused by the economic crisis, to gaining new life skills. What a wonderful and charitable thing Kaplan has done.

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