One-Point English Lesson: Beside vs. Besides

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The apple is beside the cup.

The apple is beside the cup.

Hi Everyone. Here is a one-point vocabulary lesson about beside & besides.

Beside is a preposition of location. It means next to.

  • The clock is beside the candleholder on the shelf.
  • I was sitting beside Jack at the restaurant.
  • Please put that table beside the sofa.

Besides is used as conversational phrase to mean “in addition” or “as well” or “moreover.”

  • I had a late lunch, so I wasn’t hungry when I came home. Besides, I wanted to just take a shower and go to sleep.
  • Jane is quite a good actor besides being a good singer.
  • Besides you and Jack, who went to the concert?

Now it’s your turn. How about trying to write an original sentence using start & begin. Use the comment box below!

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Thanks for studying today!