One-Point English Lesson: Using Do For Emphasis

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I do love pizza!

I do love pizza!

Hi English Language fans! I want you all to know that I really do appreciate your comments and emails. Did you notice that I used do in that sentence? Today I’m going to show you how to use do to emphasize the verb.

Usually, a sentence has one and only one main verb. For example:

  • I like pizza.
  • Jack works at ABC Company.
  • Tom lives in Brooklyn.

There are times however when we need to emphasize the verb, when there is some doubt about the situation. Take a look at these example conversations:

  • Chris: You are eating pizza? That’s unusual. I thought you don’t like pizza.
  • Michael: No, I do like pizza. I eat it all the time.
  • Chris: Jack still works at ABC Company? I thought he retired.
  • Michael: No, he does work there.
  • Chris: Tom lives in Brooklyn? I didn’t know that.
  • Michael: Yes, he does live in Brooklyn. He moved there six years ago.

In each of the above three conversations, Michael tries to clear up the doubts Chris has by using do before the main verb of the sentence. This is how we use do for emphasis in a conversation. We only use do this way in a positive sentence. We do not use do for emphasis in a negative sentence:

  • Chris: You don’t like pizza? I thought you did.
  • Michael: No, I don’t like pizza. Not: No, I do don’t like pizza.

So, there you have it. This is how we use do for emphasis. Thanks for studying today. Feel free to leave me a comment below.

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