English Grammar Lesson: Am Not vs. Do Not

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It's not diet food!

It’s not diet food!

Hi there all of you English Grammar Fans. Today, I’d like to teach you the difference between am not and do not. A lot of my students have said that they feel confused with this point. Maybe you are too? I hope today’s lesson can help you remember this English Grammar easily!

We use am not + noun

  • I am not Jack, I’m Michael. Not, I do not Jack
  • Jack is not the president. He is the VP.
  • Bob is not a student. He is the instructor.

We also use am not + gerund

  • I am not watching much TV these days. Not, I do not watching ~
  • Jack is not working in head office anymore.
  • This restaurant is not serving dessert on weekdays.

We also use am not + adjective

  • I am not tired today. Not, I do not tired ~
  • Jack is not younger than Bob.
  • This restaurant is not expensive and the food is delicious.

We use do not + verb

  • I do not understand economics very much. Not, I am not understand ~
  • Jack does not live in New York anymore.
  • This restaurant does not serve many appetizers.

Now it’s your turn. How about trying to write an original sentence using some of the above patterns. Use the comment box below!

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If you know anyone who has trouble with this English language point, why not help them out! Just share this lesson with them.

Thanks for studying today!