English Idiom Lesson: Common Expressions with Do

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Let's do laundry

Let’s do laundry

There are a number of common expressions in English which use the verb do. Today I am going to show you five of these useful phrases. Try to remember them and use them in your daily conversations.

Do homework (complete homework assignments)

  • I did my homework before watching TV.
  • The teacher let us begin doing our homework at the end of the school day.

Do housework (do household jobs like cleaning and washing)

  • Jane is a stay at home mom. She cooks and does housework every day.
  • Bob doesn’t mind doing the housework to help his wife.

Do laundry (wash, dry, and put away the dirty clothes)

  • I usually do laundry on the weekend.
  • Chris does laundry at the laundromat on Main Street.

Do dishes (wash, dry, and put away the dirty dishes)

  • The students in the dorm often don’t do the dishes in the kitchen.
  • We did the dishes after dinner.

Do one’s hair & makeup (dry and style hair; put on makeup)

  • Jane did her hair with a curling iron.
  • Cathy went to a professional stylist to have her makeup done for the party.

Now it’s your turn. How about trying to write an original sentence using some of the above patterns. Use the comment box below!

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Thanks for studying today!