English Idiom Lesson: Idioms Using “Go”

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Happy goes bonkers for chicken

Today, I want to show you five useful idioms that use the verb go. These idioms are pretty common in conversational English, so using them will make your English sound more natural.

Idiom: go around in circles
Use / Structure: [someone] or [something] go around in circles
Explanation: When a conversation goes around in circles it does not progress.
Example: At the meeting, Jim was going around circles so the boss told him to get to the point.

Idiom: go belly up
Use / Structure: [a business] goes belly up
Explanation: When a business goes belly up, it goes bankrupt.
Example: The new café in town went belly up after just six months.

Idiom: go bonkers
Use / Structure: [someone] or [an animal] go bonkers
Explanation: When someone goes bonkers, they get very excited.
Example: My dog goes bonkers for chicken.

Idiom: go down the tubes
Use / Structure: [something] goes down the tubes
Explanation: When something goes down the tubes, it fails. We usually use this for plans.
Example: Because of the weather, our plans for a party at the beach went down the tubes.

Idiom: go for broke
Use / Structure: [someone] goes for broke
Explanation: When you go for broke, you risk everything to achieve something.
Example: Tom went for broke to open the café, and the shop is a big success!

Now it’s your turn. How about trying to write an original sentence using some of the above patterns. Use the comment box below!

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Thanks for studying today!