English Vocabulary Lesson: Talking About Shopping

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They're having a sale!

They’re having a sale!

Macy’s was having a sale last weekend, so I went there to check it out. Almost everything was on sale. I found a nice jacket that I liked and it was on sale too. It is usually $115, but it was 50% off! I’m so lucky! When I went to pay, the clerk said that the jacket was final sale, so I cannot return it. Final sale means the store won’t give refunds, and you can’t exchange or return what you buy, so you need to be careful!

  • Stores have a sale. The structure is [store] has a sale (or) there is a sale at [store] A sale is a special event where items in the store have a cheaper price than usual.
    • Macy’s is having a sale today.
    • Anthropology had a sale last week.
    • There is a sale at the Gap today.
  • Items are on sale. The structure is [item] is on sale (or) buy [item] on sale This means the item has a cheaper price than usual.
    • All sweaters are on sale today.
    • I bought this dress on sale.
    • Everything is on sale on Black Friday.
  • To talk about a discounted price, we often use a percentage off, like 50% off. The structure is [item] is 00% off
    • This sweater was 50% off today.
    • I bought these shoes for 30% off!
  • The person who works in a department store or clothing store is a sales clerk, or clerk. A clerk can help you shop and also works at the register. Other stores, like supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. have cashiers. A cashier works at the register only, and doesn’t help you shop.
    • The clerk in Macy’s was very helpful.
    • The cashiers in the drug store are not so nice.
  • When you are not happy with what you bought you may want to return it. Return means bring back to the store.
    • I want to return this sweater. It is too big.
    • Can I return this if my husband doesn’t like it?
  • When you buy something, and realize it is the wrong color or size, you may want to exchange it. Exchange means change something for something else. The structure is exchange [A] for [B].
    • I exchanged my sweater for a larger size.
    • Can I exchange this for a blue one?
  • When you return something, the store will refund your money. We can use refund as a verb and a noun.
    • I would like to return this sweater. Is it possible to get a refund?
    • This is a final sale, so we cannot refund your money.

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