English Vocabulary Lesson: Winners and Losers in Sports

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The Yankees won against the Red Sox

The Yankees won against the Red Sox

In the US, baseball season has just started, so today I am going to show you some vocabulary you can use to talk about sports.

We use play to talk about the teams in the game

  • Last night, the Red Sox played the Yankees
  • New York will play San Francisco tomorrow.
  • Who is playing the Lakers today?

When we talk about the winner and loser, you can use the following phrases. For this example let’s imagine the score was Yankees 6, Red Sox 1. In this case you can say:

  • The Yankees won (or) The Yankees won the game.
  • The Yankees won against the Red Sox.
  • The Yankees beat the Red Sox.
  • The Red Sox lost (or) The Red Sox lost the game
  • The Red Sox lost to the Yankees
  • Do you know who won the game?

How is your favorite team doing? How about trying to write an original sentence using some of the above patterns. Use the comment box below!

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Thanks for studying today!