Olympic Champions Study English Too!

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Here’s some exciting news for all of you sports fans out there. Ilya Ilin, the Kazakhstani weightlifter, is planning to take some Kaplan English courses in London at their language school in Covent Garden. This double Olympic champion broke two world records on the way to retaining his Olympic gold medal in the men’s 94kg.

After accomplishing his athletic feats last year, the 24 year old superstar revealed his next personal goal was to learn how to speak English. His aim is to do this in the city where he achieved his greatest professional success while becoming the only Olympic weightlifter to retain their title from Beijing. In fact, the Olympic Council of Asia recently hailed Ilya as one of the best Asian athletes in the world thanks to his record-breaking performances at the London Games.

The Kazakhstani national hero is so enthusiastic about starting his English learning journey that he will take a 10-week long general English course, which is a semi-intensive program that focuses on the four main aspects of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking. As you have heard me say before, focusing on all four skills on a daily basis is the best way to improve your English.

In a recent interview, Ilya said,  “When you travel so much in the world, English is something you must know. It can open new doors for friendships and professional connections. I’m very happy to come back to London and get the chance to improve my English.”

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