English Lesson: Using Even, Even Though & Even If

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I have even met Kitty in NYC!

I have even met Kitty in NYC!

We use even when we want to show that something is surprising, or more than what was expected. The structures are even + noun (or) even + verb (or) even + adjective.  In a negative sentence you can use not even

  • The boss is mean to everyone, even his personal assistant.
  • He even yells at his wife on the telephone.
  • He is even rude to the delivery guys.
  • He is not even nice at Christmas time!
  • Nobody like the boss. Even Bob doesn’t like him, and Bob likes everyone!

When we use even with an auxiliary verb (like can, has, may, etc) even usually goes between the auxiliary and the main verb.

  • I don’t even know why I still work for that boss.
  • He can’t even be kind in the meetings.
  • He has even been rude to his boss!

We use even though to show unexpected results. The structure is even though + subject + verb. As you know, we use because to show expected results. Let’s compare because with even though:

  • Because it was raining, I didn’t go to the beach. (on a rainy day, not going to the beach is expected)
  • Even though it was raining, I went go to the beach. (on a rainy day, going to the beach is unexpected)
  • Because I was full, I didn’t have dessert.
  • Even though I was full, I had had dessert.

We use even if when we talk about conditions. Even if shows that the condition does not matter and that the result will not change despite the condition. The structure is even if + subject + verb.

  • I have plans to go to the beach today. Even if it rains, I am going to go to the beach.
  • This restaurant is famous for its delicious dessert. Even if I am full, I am going to order dessert!
  • I’m still not good at playing ping-pong. Even if I practice every week, I’m still not improving.

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