Music Lovers are Inspired to Learn English by Rihanna

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Are you a music lover? If so, then maybe you are part of this newly discovered group of music fans. According to new research by Kaplan International Colleges, more people learn English to understand Rihanna than any other musician in the pop music industry. The school surveyed 1,213 people who speak English as a foreign language (EFL) and discovered that more than half (52%) of them learned the language in order to comprehend a celebrity. Among this group of EFL speakers, Rihanna,  the Bajan beauty, who is famous for hit singles such as Diamonds and Rude Boi, was the most inspirational musician and 10% saying the singer inspired them to pick  the language. Kaplan has created the Language of Love Infographic to showcase the results of their survey, so check it out!

The author of Rihanna: Rebel Flower, Chloe Govan, said that, “Music is the universal language, its beats and melodies are reaching out to people no matter what their mother tongue is. Non-native listeners strive to emulate Rihanna’s glamour and talents.” It is natural that fans want to become more like their idols and while Shakespeare was the inspiration centuries ago, Rihanna is the icon of the modern generation.  RiRi, as she is known by her fans,  beat out her chart rivals and fellow pop princesses Katy Perry and Beyonce who inspired 8% and 7% of EFL speakers respectively. The controversial rapper Eminem was the top male musician with 7% of students claiming that they learned English to understand his lyrics.

Accoriding to a spokesman for, “Rihanna is one of the most successful singers worldwide these days, her songs are all over the charts, so it’s just natural that people who do not speak English want to understand what she’s singing.” For the past 8 years, she has released hit after hit and her addictive music features super catchy lyrics that fans can really relate to.

In the non-musical category, US President Barack Obama was the most popular person for inspiring others to learn English. The study found that 22% of EFL speakers who said they learned English to understand a celebrity did so to follow what the US President had to say.


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