English Idiom Lesson & mp3 Audio: Pig Out & Cut Down

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Both of these idioms can be used to talk about eating. Today, I’m going to show you how they are used. Listen to the lesson and read the text!

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Pig out is a verb and means “to overeat” or “to eat too much.”

  • I always pig out when I go to a buffet restaurant.
  • Jack said he pigged out at Tom’s party last night.

You can also use pig out on to talk about what you eat too much of.

  • I pigged out on grilled shrimp at the buffet restaurant last night.
  • Jack said he pigged out on chips and salsa at Tom’s party.

Cut down is also a verb and means to “eat less” or “to reduce the amount of something.”

  • I drink too much coffee. My doctor told me to cut down.
  • Jack doesn’t smoke so much anymore. He really cut down.

You can also use cut down on to talk about what you eat less of.

  • My doctor told me to cut down on coffee.
  • It seems like Jack cut down on smoking.

Have you pigged out recently? On what? Have you tried to cut down on something? Leave a message here and let me know.

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