Sharing Student Experiences Physically Around The World!

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In this digital world of tweets and Facebook posts, Kaplan International Colleges, has taken a retro approach to sharing information. They have announced the launch of a new and nostalgic way for students to share their memories, the Kaplan Experience Journal. This will be a fun and vintage way for the students to document their experience and share it with their fellow students worldwide.

The Kaplan Experience Journal is an actual physical scrapbook, making its way around the world via several Kaplan English language schools. In order to give their students an opportunity to share their learning experience, the journal is slated to be shared in their English language schools across seven countries and three continents.

Each school will be completing two pages of the Journal with their own personal messages, from special memories they have of Kaplan, to memorabilia from a social activity. Once they have filled out the journal, they will then pass it on to the next school for them to repeat the process. What a fabulous way to document the international learning experience!

At the Kaplan English school in London, Russian student Alisa and Venezuelan student Karla started the Journal on its international journey with their contributions about their experiences. Its final destination will be at Kaplan’s Auckland school in New Zealand.

A spokesperson for the school said that their hope is the journal will create a sense of excitement among their students, and as well, build stronger connections and communities within the global Kaplan International network. There has been a great deal of enthusiasm about the project and they are excited to see the finished result. You can get updates about the Journal’s progress on the school’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. What an awesome idea!

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