One Point English Lesson: Memory, Memorize, Remember

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Memory, memorize, & remember are similar words that are often confused. Let’s have a look at these today.

Memory is a noun and it means the place in your mind where you keep information.

  • My memory is full of ideas for English lessons.
  • Do you have a good memory?

Memory also means something remembered from the past.

  • I have nice memories of living in Japan.
  • Seeing my high school friends brought back memories of my younger days.

Of course, memory is also an electronic component in a computer

  • My first computer had just 1MB of memory

Memorize is also a verb and it means to put something into your mind permanently.

  • It is easy to memorize the subway lines because they are color-coded.
  • How many vocabulary words can you memorize in one day?

Remember is a verb and means to think about something already in your mind. You remember things you have seen, done, or learned.

  • I remember my first-grade teacher, Ms. Johnson. She was so nice.
  • It’s hard for students of Japanese & Chinese to remember all of the characters.

Do you have a good memory? What was the most recent vocabulary word you memorized? Leave  a comment here and let me know.

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