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I am a huge fan of writing. Just ask any of my private lesson students. I make them write something every day as the basis of our English class. Writing is a great tool and if you don’t yet have it in your learning toolbox, I suggest you start today. Writing helps you review grammar, use vocabulary you have learned, and above all, it help you think in English.

Some people wonder what they should write. Well, my first choice would be to write a journal.  A journal is like a diary, but not so personal. A journal is your thoughts and ideas. I can be a reflection of what you did that day, like a personal daily report of your life. Some of my students who are living here in New York City do just that. Others write about things in the Big Apple that they encounter. The subway system, the food, the tourist attractions and so on provide great content for a journal. Even if you are not living abroad, I am sure there is plenty in your town, city or country that you can write about.

Another idea is writing an essay. Essay writing is a much more formal style of writing, but it still helps you improve your English with the points above. A number of my students have been practicing writing essays for the TOEFL exam. Those essays are pretty structured. There is an opening paragraph, two or ideally three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph. The TOEFL essay is the answer to a question relating to general knowledge, such as whether it is better to live in a big city or in the countryside. Hmm….I wonder which I would prefer!

Lastly, using your favorite social media sites is a great way to practice your writing. It’s because not only can you write something, but you can actually have a written conversation. You are going to post something on Facebook or Twitter anyway, right?  Well, you might as well post that in English! This will give your international friends the opportunity to reply, hopefully in English, giving you instant feedback. If you really want to reach more people, how about starting a blog in English? A blog can reach a wide audience and there too, people can comment on your writing.

No matter what you write, doing so will certainly help you English skills. The important thing is to write something every day. Being consistent is the most important.

What do you usually write in English? Leave a comment here and let me know!

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