Are you romantic when it comes to English?

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Just a few months before Valentines’ Day, Kaplan International Colleges has launched their “Language of Love survey” which aims to discover the romantic motivations behind language learning among other things. This short, ten question survey, asks some fundamental questions about the motivation behind learning a second language. Examples include: “Have you ever learned a language to impress a loved one?” and “What do you think is the most romantic language?” I can’t wait to see the results of this one!

According to the school’s online Marketing Executive, Mr. Martin Hofschröer, the survey is fun and should be enjoyable for all language learners around the world. “We hope that there will be some interesting results that we can share with the language learning community,” he said. There is alwaus something exciting going on for students who learn English with Kaplan!

Those responding to the survey will be entered into a prize drawing to win $100 worth of Amazon vouchers. The results will be compiled into an infographic scheduled to be published on, well, Valentines Day, of course! Do you want to try it? Just click here to take the survey…and good luck!

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