Muggles Improve Their English Watching Harry Potter!

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For wizards, learning English is probably simple. All they need to do is whip up a magic potion and poof! They can converse naturally. For the rest of us muggles, or non-wizards, we need more than magic. According to a recent survey, that help is coming to a lot of people from Harry Potter.

According to research done by Kaplan International Colleges, A good number of students around the world are improving their English by watching the eight-part Harry Potter movie series. The study revealed that 79% of people said that watching films helped them to understand English better and the wizarding adventures of Harry Potter were the most popular movies for enhancing language learning. In fact, 24% of people said that they increased their understanding of English from watching the young wizard.  Just 11% of the students claimed that the romantic disaster film Titanic helped their learning and Pixar’s Toy Story came in at about 7%. You can see all of the results in the How to Learn English Infographic .

A spokesman at MuggleNet, the world’s no. 1 Harry Potter fan site, said, “It is certainly not surprising to the millions of ‘Potterheads’ that the Harry Potter films have been selected as the number one way to learn English through the cinema.” The boy wizard and his films have also made international students more likely to want to travel to the UK to study the language. London was one of the most-used filming locations for the series.

If you haven’t checked out the Harry Potter series to help you study English, why not get a DVD this weekend and check it out!

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