Award-Winning Turkish Filmmaker Takes Top Prize!

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Eray Dinç, from Istanbul, is the latest winner of the #KaplanExperience Instagram competition. The 24-year-old filmmaker is currently taking one of Kaplan’s English courses in Oxford for work purposes as he occasionally attends the International Film Festival and needs to be able to explain his short films to the judges and audience members. I hear he’ll continue studying there until next April and create a short film mixing comedy and fantasy about a student who forgets their own language when they are not speaking English. I can’t wait to see that!

Eray has won 13 awards for his short films at prestigious events such as the Istanbul Short Film Festival He participated in Kaplan’s #KaplanExperience Instagram competition and won the weekly contest with a photo of an autumnal street scene. The #KaplanExperience encourages students to practice their digital photography skills while documenting their exciting English learning journey in another country.

Kaplan’s social media assistant, Hazel Francis, said everyone there is so pleased with the high level of interest there has been in the competition. Since it began they’ve had over 3000 entries from a very eclectic mix of talented students. Ms Francis mentioned that, “It’s great to see so many students sharing their experiences with us from all over the world, especially someone as established as Eray! I look forward to seeing more photos from his time in Oxford.”

She’s not the only one. I love checking out these talented shutterbugs and you can too! Just follow the hashtag #KaplanExperience. Kaplan students can enter the competition, and the winners are selected by a panel of judges and the prize is $100 of Amazon vouchers.

Key Vocabulary used in this article:

  • Prestigious (adj) Inspiring respect or admiration.
  • Participate (v) To join an event.
  • Document (v) To record something using words or photos.
  • Eclectic (adj) Coming from a diverse range of sources.
  • Shutterbug (n) (slang) a photographer.