Creating School Newspaper to Practice English…Awesome!

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English Students are writing the school newspaper!

International students studying at Kaplan’s English language school in Portland are improving their English skills by running their very own newspaper.

ESL instructor Sadie Dickman launched the newspaper as a fun and innovative way for students to practice their English learning by writing articles during the class. Her idea became so popular it turned into a monthly four-page newspaper featuring restaurant reviews, stories about Portland events and advice for new students. What a great idea for students to not only practice their writing skills, but also help out new classmates in the city.

Anyone can participate in the newspaper and contributors are encouraged to write about anything they are interested in. They published a recent “literature edition,” which was full of student fiction. Ms. Dickman said proudly that,  “Everyone at the college takes a newspaper when it is published and the writers are really proud to have their by-lines in the paper!” This is a great example of teachers getting students to collaborate and achieve “creative and intelligent” results.

Writing is a great tool for practicing vocabulary and reviewing grammar. Getting classes to create a school newspaper like this builds a sense of community in the class as well as in the school. It also gets students to read more! What a fabulous idea.

Key Vocabulary used in this article:

  • Run (v) to manage or operate
  • Launch (v) to begin or start a new project
  • Innovative (adj) inventive; something that has never been done before
  • Contributor (n) someone who writes articles for a newspaper or magazine
  • By-line (n) The headline or title of a newspaper article
  • Collaborate (v) to work together

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