One-Point English Lesson: Sleep in Vs. Oversleep

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Both of these words “sleep in” and “oversleep,” mean to sleep longer than usual, but they have a completely different nuance and use. Let’s check it out today.

I slept in today. Usually I wake up at 6:15, but today I didn’t set the alarm clock and woke up later than usual. In such a case, I can say, I slept in. When you sleep in, you sleep longer than usual, and it is your plan to do so.

If you oversleep, well…it is a kind of mistake or accident. So for example, if you are supposed to wake up at 7:00, but you wake up at 7:30, then we would say you overslept. Oversleeping is not your plan, and usually oversleeping results in some trouble, like being late for school or work.

Do you sometimes oversleep? Do you like to sleep in on the weekend? Leave a comment here and let me know!

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